Orchestra Farm

In 2016 Reed began the project of Orchestra Farm, though it had yet to take this name. Existing on 3/4 of an acre of frost pocket, marsh and creek adjacent land, that was the original Bullock vegetable patch over a hundred years ago. The story of this land is older than that, and these stories are still to us unknown. 

Reed not only wished to engage in a larger garden project, embracing permacultural food forest dynamics, he also wished to invite other humans, and our cousins of other species to come and play. Early on this took the form of friends coming to be with the earth here and helping the plants grow. It has changed over the years trying out different methods for involvement from a "best day ever" (drop in play farm evening) to a small collection of families signing up to assist with all of the farm activities.
Now as we approach the end of our 2021 growing year, Reed as Conductor realizes that this is a farm experiment. Each year altering certain aspects of the dynamic plan in a effort to achieve greater joy, laughter, relaxation, soil building, bird presence along with the insects they eat, diversity of plants, and consciousness relating with the earth and all that exists here.

Our objective is to embrace Tending and play, Regeneration and connection. Acknowledging the life, from microbial to megafauna, the sacred and our obligation to be in a clear minded and heart space to cultivate foods, medicines, and generations of well adapted resilient beings of place.
Reclaiming our place in the village of life.

If you are interested in coming to Orchestra Farm, please contact Reed to arrange. He also offers an Art of Tending experience to assist others with sinking and rising with this state of presence and awareness.