Reed I'o, Artist of Life

Artist of Life


Each breath is an opportunity for greater enrichment, to allow focus and awareness to become ever more refined. Approaching each task with a meditation in heart, mind, and whole being presence.


Listening, playing, being music from the earliest of being, merging with a sax in my school dayz. Discovering the interconnection of everything and vibrational relevance of resonance, i tune to the fundamental vibration of existence, that which IS. Pressing the bounds, to stretch the structure, expanding self to the full life of that consciousness, Light, DNA crystaline planet. 


After retiring early, travelling and being of this way, I was called to Hawai'i. Here I began to play and co-create with others in many varied productions. I began painting again, gardening/permaculture, recording/producing/DJing, styling & up cycling garments, dancing, aerial fabrics, cheffing, parenting, rejuvenating, and creating Art.i.Myths. 


It was while working on some Art.i.Myths when the notion of the Gentle Elementals came. The joy of being in each of the platonic solids during various meditations, lead to a desire to create them and wrap the structure with a stretchy fabric enabling one to stand all the way up and have the form bobbing around ones center, and able to move about. It now takes form as seen on the edutainment page here.


The Music page will offer a closer look into my voyage with sound. May All Beings Be Blessed, with Healthy, Happy, Long Lives! Aloha namasté


As a Rejuvenation Specialist I have enjoyed the pleasure of studying with Dr. Thomas Ahern at Ahern's Massage Therapy School earling a 300 Hour Certificate of Completion, part of which was a Reiki 1 attunement which I later took further to become attuned as a Reiki Master in Usui and Karuna systems. The adventure of learning brought me to Fabien Maman's Tama~Do Academy, where I did the first round of courses, involving tuning forks, light and colour, along with Tao Yin Fa. I also had a short and intensive experience with numerous forms of martial arts. 


At this point, I started traveling and offering my service to any who needed or wanted, often as a gift, for all beings deserve to have health. (Old chinese tale, Dr. only gets paid as long as everyone is well...) Once in Hawai'i I began asking for donations, and some payed sessions. This was also a hotbed for dynamic healers, and skill sets were exchanged regularly. Humor, and humble gratitude has it that I became an ordained minister. I continue to offer sessions using crystals, tuning forks, energy/light work, vocals, and massage including elements of reflexology, shiatsu, swedish, thai, flying, partner yoga, and acupressure. I am also available for distance sessions.


Gardening, the great connection with food! Living soil nurishing our lives, creating our breath. All of this has been of great interest to me for a long time. Now with a daughter and partner it feels even more paramount to have this aspect of life dialed in. So, i assist in the garden where we live at Om Oasis as well as ones that i visit as i travel. It appears to me that the more we show the Earth/Gaia that we care about this planet which supports our every action the more synergistic our lives may become. 


Being a father though is by far the most exciting, & rewarding aspect of life. Having consciously conceived of our daughter, Saera Burns and I are witnesses, guides, friends, mentors, and vice versa to an amazing being. The responsibilities of this extend into our connections with community, holding space for young beings to have a place in our communities, and with our ancestral lineages. 


Mahalo for taking a moment to connect here with me,

In co-creating a thriving world and life.


Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu



Reed I'o 

January 1 2015





Robe of Unification