Gentle Elementals move into the sonic realms

Reed I'o has a vibrant and eclectic taste in sonic possibilities. 

Herein you will discover his voyage into the realms of DJ, Producer, and Musician each with its own unique presence. Reed has been playing saxophone since childhood, opening himself to the world of nature spirits and the forces of the natural world, his sound is inspired. Reed's sonic explorations have a seldom heard voice; listen to Evaporated Heartbeat.

In the realms of production Reed transmogrifies the Evaporated Heartbeat into an IntraGalactic OmniVortex. Here the punctuations of interstellar proportions swirl into an unparalleled alchemical audial experience. These works are designed to bring the listener into new environments of avante-funk-hop. Travel these realms with ears open for new adventures! 

MystaReed is the moniker used for DJing, specializing in conscious dance events. Since 2010 MystaReed has been performing in Hawai'i, Toronto, Santa Cruz, Palo Alto, Providence and Cambridge. These sets are a mixture of world music, EDM, electronic bass music, mash-ups with jazz, classical, and sacred song. These sets are intended to provided space for the release of the ego, clearing our being and refreshing spirit to inspire all aspects of life.


Reed is available for your event in each of these arenas. Contact him at to schedule.

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