Reed Richard

Artist of Life

I love the question of 'what do you do?' because it is a very open invitation to reveal so much about ourselves.

For me, I love being a father, I have two delightful girls, and with that the husband my fantastic wife Saera Burns.
I am beyond grateful to be the 'Conductor' of Orchestra Farm, an experimental farm project.

I'm been a musician, writer, dancer, and artist from the first time I touched any of those mediums and they are intrinsic to who I am. I adore the freedom and creativity they avail to me and those that witness these activities.

I have added being a drone pilot and creating virtual tours. I ought to have put this first as I am creating my financial foundation with those services, but I wanted you to know what the most important pieces of my life are first.
I am also a futurist and philosopher, and you can hear more of my ideas in this regard through my ongoing video series and my book, Rumi.Nations.